I changed my Relationship status on Facebook the other day from saying: ‘Single’, to; ‘In a Relationship…… with LIFE.’  However, sadly, for some inexplicable reason, the; ‘with LIFE’ did not appear.  Somehow Facebook would not accept my partner; ‘life.’  It just said; ‘In a Relationship.’  I did not realize the mistake at first, until I started getting weird comments on my Time line such as; so happy for you, you deserve love, etc, etc.  I even had my sister phoning me saying, in a very hurt little voice:  I hear your Relationship status on Face Book says in a Relationship.  The in between the lines were:


Funny thing is, when I put that on my Relationship status, I had not really given it much thought, and I don’t know why I just impromptu decided to change my status on Facebook.

But I started thinking; I really am on such a high, and quite frankly, I don’t have any reason to be on a high.  Admittedly I started Ozone therapy again in January and that always puts me on a high, but it started before January, it has been for quite a while.

Often people have asked me whether an experience like I have had where the real possibility of death is banging at your door, changes your life, and I have always said no, that it did not.  But I think I was mistaken, I think it has changed me.  I think it started changing me from that very first day when I heard the words: “Sorry your results are positive, you have Cancer”

I entered into the most important relationship, with life.  Not with my life, but with life in general, and there is a difference.  Being in a relationship with MY life would be insular.  It would be the same as saying, you are in a relationship with Your Dennis, or Your Jack.  You are not in a relationship with Your Jack, you are just in a relationship with Jack.  Jack is not yours, he is his own person.  Often we forget that.  Sometimes a women/man takes 10 years to change their partner, and then say, they are not the person they married.

Being in a relationship with Life, is liberating, it means that I am not trying to change or manipulate or force anything in my life, I am just going to let it happen and enjoy every day for that day, come good or bad.  And it does not mean that there will not be days that I might feel down or sad.  It just means I am going to let life happen. I really did this without me noticing, which was wonderful really and how I think a good relationship should be, a marathon, not a sprint.   You open your eyes one day and think; wow I really am in love with you.  It might have taken some time to realize it, but better late than never.

So…… the definition of love:

Because love is such a difficult word to define, there are hundreds of definitions, but this is the one I liked the most.

  1. An inexplicable strong feeling of desire and /or longing for another individual
  2. A state of sweaty palms, heart palpitations, nausea and an inability to speak when around the object of desire
  3. A constant source of pleasure and pain 


  1. I have an inexplicable strong feeling of desire for life.
  2. I wake up some mornings and I feel anxious, get heart palpitations feel nauseous and do not want to speak at all.
  3. Sometimes life throws me an experience that elates me and gives me great pleasure and other times immense pain.

 So I must be in love with life!

And if you are in a Relationship, as in the way Facebook means, then you presumably are in love with that person.

Therefore, I am most definitely in a Relationship with LIFE.

And there is this saying; if you are waiting for the person that is going to change your life, you should take a look in the mirror.


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